What People are Saying about the NUTRITION and HOLISTIC HEALTH PROGRAM

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It’s amazing how fast Heidi was able to tell me everything that took numerous doctors over a long period of time to figure out in just a few sessions. The allergy clearings and the nutritional evaluation helped me a lot. I would recommend to all to at least check it out! 😀 ~SD

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I came to Heidi initially for reiki. She handled my trauma with sincerity and compassion and I left her office feeling empowered. Recently, I have been dealing with a host of small but concerning health problems that had all been adding up. I remembered that Heidi also did nutritional testing and consults, so I decided to go back and see if she could help get me on the right track. I began to see her for my health issues in November, and now just a month later, I am getting my cravings under control, my skin is smooth and has a glow to it, and I inadvertently lost belly fat. I am breathing deeper and am more energized and my depression is exiting my life.
What I really like about Heidi’s approach is she focuses on what you are doing right, not adding to how hard we already are on ourselves when we reach for the chocolate cake. She reminds me that my body is on the right track, and taking things at the pace I need to go. She is respectful, extremely intuitive, and a joy to be around. I couldn’t have asked for a better healer. And that is just what she is, a truly gifted healer. With her help, I am feeling happier, healthier and empowered about my journey toward being my most whole and beautiful self.
I highly recommend her for reiki, nutritional concerns, allergy clearing and pretty much all of her services. She is amazing and you will be so happy you went to see her, trust me! ~ EJ

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Heidi at Nourish and Revive helped me lose 50 pounds, eliminate my asthma, reduce my allergies and gain more energy. I haven’t see these results anywhere else. Thanks Heidi! You’re the best! ~SW

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Heidi Jo is sweet and kind, but most importantly she’s amazing healer! I’ve experienced incredible results working with her in terms of energy and mood, but also in terms of beginning to reverse my chronic illness. Her ability to tune into what your body needs to allow it to heal is amazing. I truly can’t recommend her enough, and I sing her praises to all my friends and family… so much so, they may be sick of hearing it by now 🙂 ~SS