Detox Programs


All-Natural Detox Programs


The 10-day programs are targeted for specific body system results. You will follow a recommended guide for organic whole foods and protein shakes and follow a recommended simple protocol of herbal and whole food supplements to take throughout the day. The program is a jumpstart to the detox process and a healthier lifestyle.





The 21-day program recommends daily organic recipes that will teach your body how to enjoy healthy food! You will also have a recommended daily protocol of whole-food supplementation and protein shakes. This will provide an extreme whole body detox and a new lifestyle of healthy eating. Most people lose 9-12 pounds in just 21 days!



opening channels


This program works with the body’s innate system to assist in restoring a healthy balance. In today’s world, most people accumulate and abundant amount of toxins in their bodies. The combination of botanicals, nutritionals and homeopathics in the Opening Channels products assist in the body’s ability to eliminate toxins gently while restoring energy levels.