Nutritional Program

healthy eating at Nourish and ReviveWhat to expect: The process is divided into three stages.

Stage 1: Before Your 1st Nutritional Visit

◊ Make an appointment:

Fill out your online NAQ & Paperwork: After making your new client appointment, you will be emailed an online Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) regarding you current health status. You will also receive forms for your health history and a three-day food record. The (NAQ), paperwork and food journal need to be completed before your 1st visit. This will allow me to build a picture of your health history and to consider how to help you achieve your health goals. 

Stage 2: Your 1st Nutritional Visit and Report of Findings Visit (2 visits total)

◊ 1st Nutritional Visit (The Evaluation):  Nourish and Revive will discuss your goals and health concerns, perform a functional analysis, test your nutrition, stress, lifestyle, diet along with allergies/sensitivities.

◊ Report of Findings Visit  (ROF): This visit will detail the findings of the evaluation and NAQ results. A personalized nutrition and supplementation program will be recommended. We will then agree on a program to fit your lifestyle, budget and food choices. At that time, you will receive your personalized program to start that day.

Stage 3: Follow-Up Nutrition and Holistic Health Visits

The purpose of the follow-up visits are to review your health progress and adapt the program as your body heals. The body is a beautiful creation and will go back to the blueprint from which it was originally created when given the correct nutrition. Follow-up visit can either be an in-office visit (40 minutes) or via phone (20 minutes). Each visit includes a Nutritional Evaluation and, if time allows, you will also receive a complimenting modality of Dietary Recommendations, Reiki, EFT, Allergy Clearing and/or Scar Therapy.

◊ Nutrition and Holistic Health Visit: 

Step ONE – Implementing and Stabilizing: The initial follow-up visits are scheduled once a week for about to 6 visits. 

Step TWO – Continual Healing and RepairIf more healing is necessary, then the visits are scheduled every 2-3 weeks. The aim of the follow-up visits are to review progress and adapt the program as your body shifts. The body will peel off layers as it heals and new health issues may arise. The body is a beautiful creation and will go back to the blue print that it originally created when optimal nutrition is consumed. I will recommend healthy foods and supplements for you to acquire these desired nutrients. In addition, you will also receive a complimenting modality of Dietary Recommendations, Health Education, Reiki, EFT, Allergy Clearing and/or Scar Therapy.

Step Three – Nourished and RevivedOnce you have achieved a healthy level of being Nourished and Revived, naturally you will want to stay healthy and happy. That is easily accomplished through regularly spaced Nutrition visits seasonally.



HOLISTIC HEALTH AND NUTRITION – Nourish and Revive is dedicated to helping people heal the WHOLE BODY – Naturally!

Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you something needs addressing and correcting. Ignoring them may develop into more symptoms and possibly something more serious. We will develop a health plan to help you remove the blockages that have been causing stress and disease. Your body will repair the damage with the proper nutrition. You will learn this life-changing skill of how to sustain a healthy, holistic and natural lifestyle.



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