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Nutrition and Holistic Health Visits

New Client Evaluation  (2 Appointments): 
  $130 – 1st appointment: Nutrition and Health Evaluation 
  $130  – 2nd appointment: Report of Findings Health Plan (ROF) 

Quick Check-in Visit: $45
Includes Nutritional Therapy 

Full Visit: $85
Includes Nutritional Therapy, Dietary Recommendations, Reiki, Stress and Relaxation Techniques, Allergy Clearing and/or Scar Therapy

Quick Phone Visit:  $45

Full Phone Visit: $85

Reiki Visit


New or Current Client: $110 
50 Minute Session – Reiki Session for Relaxation, Stress Relief and Balancing

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*rates subject to change

Cancelling within 24 hours or missed appointment fees: Same price as visit