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Are you ready to take care of your health? There are two options:

  1. Have a Health Plan to get better, continue to feel great and age wonderfully!
  2. Stay the same or get worse.



I am looking for clients that are proactive about their health. Our experiences after working with many different types of cases has shown that the first thing to determine is whether or not you are a qualified Nutrition Case. Nourish and Revive creates a personalized plan for you that includes proper nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle recommendations, along with stress management and relaxation techniques. But in the end you are the one responsible for your own health condition.  If our analysis indicates that you are not a qualified nutritional case, then while a nutritional program may give you some benefit, it may not give you the maximum results you desire.  If this is the case, then we will offer recommendations for health professionals that may be a better fit for you. We are here to serve you and will help to assist you on your healing journey wherever and with whomever you need to feel great!

If we both decide that you are a good fit and are willing to follow the program, then with our guidance and recommendations, your chances of greatly improving your health is excellent! If you could improve the above health concerns, what would that mean to you? How would this healing benefit your life? Are you concerned enough about your health to make it a focus? Let’s discuss the importance that you place on your health. We will also discuss if this is a good time to start this program and if this program feels right to you.

Schedule a time for your 10-minute chat with Heidi. No health advice will be given at this consult. This consult is only to find out if you are a good fit for Nourish and Revive.

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