What does EFT stand for? cabana

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It addresses limiting beliefs at a subconscious level. This will free a person from unwanted emotional responses such as anger, sadness and fear. This brings a vast number of emotional and physical benefits. EFT works by using a combination of tapping on specific acupuncture points and changing the thought process to positive thinking.

What do Emotions have to do with Health?

eftScientifically proven, our emotional state is fundamental to our mental and physical health. In many cases, a person’s stress can cause illness. Stress actually burns out or uses up the body’s vitamins and minerals. Any type of illness can also cause stress, which actually adds more stress to the body and thus, uses up more nutrients.  

What makes a memory or negative thought process damaging to the body is the emotional response that it generates. Repeated negative emotions greatly impact the immune system. Negative emotions can cause tension (constriction of the muscles and blood vessels), hormonal imbalance, reduced digestion and increased blood pressure.

Replacing negative feelings with feelings of happiness, peace and joy will create a positive and healing influence on the body. Antibody levels rise, healing occurs faster, blood pressure drops and breathing patterns improve. Happiness is the way one perceives the world in a totally different way – when we are feeling good.