(21 Day) Detox and Balancing Program

The most complete detox and support system you can find for the price!

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Read Terms (Get your doctor’s approval before ordering your detox. Some medications that limit citrus, dark leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables are not compatible with detoxing.) 

21-Day, All-Natural, Detox 

The detox package includes:

~~~Detox Supplements
~~~Nutrition Protein Shakes
~~~Adrenal support Fish Oil, Probiotics, Fiber and Vitamin D3-K2
~~~Purification Packet
~~~An Eating Plan, Corresponding Healthy Recipes and Online Cookbook
~~~Advanced Detox Recommendations
~~~Daily Email Support
~~~You will be personally instructed how to do the program by a certified nutritionist!

What is the 21-Day Program? A detox program that focuses on creating healthy eating patterns.

This program emphasizes healthy whole, organic foods that provide vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants that the body needs for detoxification. The detox supplements work synergistically to assist the body in purifying and rebuilding the body naturally from the inside out. The detox program gives you a structured plan for purifying, nourishing and discovering a NEW healthy eating lifestyle!

THE 21-DAY PURIFICATION PROGRAM MAY BE JUST RIGHT FOR YOU! In just 21 days, you can experience improved whole body health and a new healthy eating habit and lifestyle.

GREAT SUPPORT FOR: Weight Imbalances, Fatigue, Headaches, Allergies, Pain, Stress, Hormonal and Sleep Issues, Skin Conditions, Blood Sugar Balance & more…

Detox Foods at Nourish and Revive

21-Day Purification Detox Program

THIS IS NOT A DIET, IT IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Here’s what it’s all about…


  • PHASE 1:  The first phase from days 1- 10, will consist of fruits, vegetables, selected proteins, a small amount of grains and delicious protein filled nutrition shakes. The whole food supplements provided for this phase of the program will gently detox every organ in your body.  Most “diets” just focus on weight loss or only detox one part of the body. (Very active people may be advised to keep eating fish during the whole detox.)
  • PHASE 2:  The second phase from days 11-21, will continue to focus on the healthy eating style phase 1, but will also add lean meat and fish. The whole food supplements provided for this phase of the program will help to assist your body in removing the gathered toxins.
  • PHASE 3:  The final phase is Post-Purification. This phase is the process of assimilating the healthy eating habits into your lifestyle in order to continue to receive the rewards and benefits of a healthy and nourished life.


HOW MUCH WEIGHT WILL I LOSE? The average person, who follows the program, loses between 5-15 pounds or inches.

WHAT IF I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? Many people will want to do this program to detox and strengthen their body. The body will self-regulate when toxins are removed and good nutrition is added. This detox program is excellent for anyone trying to restore their body and become nourished and revived!

HOW WILL PROGRESS BE MEASURED?  You will measure your body and take a take a toxicity analysis pre and post purification. You calculate the differences to see how many inches, pounds or toxicity you have lost during the detox purification program.

WHAT TO EXPECT DURING PURIFICATION? Most people experience increased energy, better digestion, decreased bloating, clearer skin, shinier hair, better memory, more focused thinking, great sleep, reduced allergies, better blood sugar balance, disappearance of past problems and more. Best of all, this detox purification program shows (or reminds) you how eating healthy, delicious foods can make you feel great!

DO THE RESULTS CONTINUE AFTER THE PURIFICATION PROGRAM? Yes, Yes, Yes! Now that you have discovered or rediscovered how to eat and enjoy healthy delicious food, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of this healthy lifestyle.

More (FAQs)

HOW DO I GET THE PROGRAM?  The program is shipped to you. Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping.

CAN I FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION TO SEE IF THE 21-DAY PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR ME?  Yes, just call or email to discuss if and how this program will benefit YOU!


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